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Words of Wisdom (W.O.W). Feel fierce as you dare to follow your dreams! They are limitless.

#1 All I want is everything

Ignore what the haters say, grab what you deserve, and make your mark! Aren’t you tired of limitations and restrictions? When anyone asks, you tell them, ‘All I want is everything.’
Whether you are demanding respect in the schoolyard or chillin’ in the streets, everyone will know you won’t settle for less!
(Available in 8 colors)

#2 Fuck what they think

Do you hate to be told what to do AND how to think? Oh yeah! Break out of the box, and be yourself! Available in 6 colors that you can dress up or down, whatever your mood ‘cause ‘Fuck what they think!’

#3 Love the haters

Listen up peeps, don’t hate or discriminate; it will only kill your vibe! Make your moves smart and kill ’em with kindness instead ❤️

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